We've all seen the photos of stars at the award shows or photo shoots with their gorgeous bouncy locks. Were you envious? Now you don't have to be. With Put On Pieces, or POP, you can create the same styles. These temporary clip-in extensions can be used to enhance an updo, add volume, create length and make a pony tail look sexy.

Most of the pieces in the collection are made of a synthetic fiber called Kanekalon Vibralite® that simulates protein rich, multi-tonal hair. Heat cannot be used on this type so they also come in 100% human hair clip-in collections that enable you to apply heat for added style.

The collections are:

Put On Wraps

Pony Wraps are worn around a pony tail or bun and come in 6 fashionable styles from cutting edge to modern chic. They are on elastic bands featuring a patented wrap construction to prevent breakage and can be used on any hair length.

Put On Ponys

Ponys are claw attachment pieces that you can clip on in seconds. Simply put your hair in a bun for shorter hair, a pony tail for medium length hair, a simple French twist for longer hair, attach and Voila! Instant Polish. The Ponys come in 10 different styles ranging from short to long, straight and curly.


Mini-Clips are small clip in extensions and come in straight and wavy. Multiples of these small clips are used to get your desired style. This is a great way to take medium blah hair to long and luxurious in minutes without the commitment of a full set of costly extensions.

Put On Vibralite® Synthetic Extensions

Vibralite® Synthetic Extensions are also a great alternative to a full set of human hair extensions. They come in 2 and 10 piece sets of straight and wavy hair. Small clips are sewn onto the extensions for a quick and easy application. The two piece set is used at the crown and at the nape of the hair to add volume and length. The ten piece set also creates volume and length but with the different sized pieces to choose from so you can customize your look by using them all or just a few. Since this hair is synthetic no heat can be applied to these extensions.

Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions come in the same 2 and 10 piece sets like the Vibralite®. They are also available in straight and wavy. Heat can be used on these pieces which make them ideal for updo styles that require curling irons or rollers. These extensions can also be colored for an exact match.

Put On Wigs

For a complete hairstyle and attitude change there are Put On Wigs. They come in 4 trendy styles from a short razor crop to a shoulder length layered look. No need to fuss with clips, just POP it on!

So if you're looking to create a new hair style without the expense and time it takes to apply human strand-by-strand hair extensions then Put on Pieces are for you. POP gives your style endless looks and possibilities.

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