Now that you have your new hair extensions it’s important to know the proper upkeep to get the most out of them. Most hair extensions companies have their own products from brushes to styling aides that they say need to be used to ensure that you don’t use the wrong ones. All in all they are similar to each other but it is essential to use them. This home care maintenance information applies primarily for extensions that have been applied using a strand by strand method by systems such as Great Lengths, Hair Dreams and SoCap, but the same care can be done with other extensions brands.

With most extensions that are attached with a bond, which is a type of polymer, you should not shampoo for 48 hours. The bonds need this time to fully set. If any water gets trapped in them during this process it could cause the bonds to breakdown or slip out. When you’re ready to shampoo first brush your hair thoroughly before you shower to make sure there are no tangles, then use the shampoo recommended by your stylist. It’s important to massage at the scalp and not to scrub. The scrubbing action could cause the hair to tangle or mat. Shampooing with your head upside down could also cause this problem. Make sure that you cleanse thoroughly to get all of the styling products out and to help stimulate the scalp. It might help to shampoo twice and then rinse, rinse, rinse.

Now you want to use your new conditioner which should be applied mainly on the ends, the middle of the hair and what’s left over in your hands you can run through the top. Feel free to leave it in a few minutes so it can do its job. Then, once again rinse, rinse, rinse. You should wash your hair this way every time but feel to wash as little or often as needed.

The extensions hair most likely has gone through some type of de-colorization process and then re-colored to get it the to color that it is now. So after you have towel dried your hair, squeeze don’t scrub, you want to spritz on a protein spray to close the hair cuticle; this will make the hair more manageable and add shine. Most companies call this product “Anti-Tap”. Use enough to coat the hair; it isn’t necessary to super saturate it. Then use a wide tooth comb on the middle and ends and boar bristle brush where the bonds are; make sure you brush through every section.

For a smooth look work a nickel size amount of a recommended product in your hands and then run your fingers through your hair applying to the top last. You can use a volumizing spray but stay away from any products containing silicone as it will cause the bonds to slip down. If you’re going for a curly look apply a light mousse and diffuse.

When you’re ready to blow dry do not do it with your head upside down. Use your fingers instead of a brush in the beginning and after it’s mostly dry switch to your round brush to smooth it out. Once the hair is completely dry you can use a flat iron to get a sleek look or just finish with some gloss to add shine or a pomade to add texture.

The most important tips to remember are to always dry the bonds, brush your hair regularly, use the Anti-Tap and to only use products recommended by your stylist. They can not guarantee that the extensions will last if you don’t use them. And lastly have fun with your new hair!

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